There’s something magical about Fenway Park. For many it’s a beautiful green sanctuary in the heart of the city, filled with pride, love and triumph after years of heartbreak. Fenway IS the heart of Boston.

I remember Fenway with my dad but mostly the cursing on the MassPike as he missed the exit.

My first real memory of Fenway Park was with a friend. We were at a daytime all ages concert on Lansdowne St. and our friend, who knew the park and the employees well, persuaded me to leave the concert to go see how the ballgame was going. We walked up to the gate and after a brief exchange, we we walked through, just like that. It was just before the 7th Inning Stretch. We sang, ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’, watched for an inning and went back to the concert. Until then, I hadn’t been inside Fenway Park since I was small. It was incredible. Impressed with our friend’s connection at the gate and setting eyes on the ball field for the first time in a decade, I knew then I was a lifer. Boston you’re my home.

And in the decade since then? Countless games and events. I took a week off from work with my best friend to serve as extras (paid gig, mind you) in Fever Pitch. A WBZ reporter stopped us on our way in to our 7am call and asked what we thought of the team that year, we said they were going to take the World Series because we were there with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Guess what? They did!

The year we moved to NY (I know) for what we thought would be forever but ended up only eight weeks, I caught a game with friends the night before the move. I cried, ugly cried, as “Dirty Water” played, and even more for “Tessie”, I walked back to Brighton that night, crying the whole way home. I should’ve known that NY wasn’t going to work out.

And there is nothing better than getting out of work on a summer day, heading to get a drink and bite to eat and catching a game to wrap up your evening.

Just last year as my family was walking into the game late, we were stopped and picked to sit next to the dugout as a party of their My Fenway promotion.

Years and years of the hopes and dreams of everyone who ever loved the Boston Red Sox lives in Fenway Park. It consumes you as you walk in and it makes you never want to leave.


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